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Ballet Beautiful by Mary Helen Bowers

July 4, 2016
Ballet Beautiful


A couple of weeks ago we attended the Glamour Health Challenge in Amsterdam, which was full of healthy food, drinks, and the option to participate in great fitness workshops. This year’s special guest was Mary Helen Bowers, the founder of one of the most popular workouts around; Ballet Beautiful.

Mary Helen Bowers was the personal trainer of Natalie Portman when she got ready for her role in The Black Swan. After joining the New York City Ballet at 16, she performed as a professional ballerina for ten years, so MHB knows what she is talking about. It’s no wonder celebrities such as Kate Hudson, SJP and a whole army of Victoria’s Secret Angels are big fans of the ballet-inspired workout program.

We were psyched to be a part of the Ballet Beautiful experience and we soon discovered why the workout is the key to having a sculpted and lean body. The exercises aren’t that extreme or complicated, but the number of repetitions will make you work and feel the burn, not to forget, feel the post-BB burn the next day!

But with the challenge of keeping a good ballerina posture, it also came with good fun. You don’t have to worry about being able to dance or having to do a split because that is not relevant at all. Ballet Beautiful is for everybody who is in for toning up, good posture and a lean body and it will definitely make you understand the hard work ballet dancers have to put in to achieve that physique, it surely isn’t a walk in the park. Like the workout in this video; even though it all looks so simple, you’ll definitely have some muscle ache after doing these exercises!

If you want to give it a try, visit the website for more info on her online custom workouts or DVDs!

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