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BARREL Food Truck Fest

July 17, 2017

Barrel Food Truck Fest

Summer is the time for festivals of all kind, but obviously, we love food festivals! Last weekend it was time to visit BARREL Food Truck Fest in Hardenberg. It was conveniently located at the central market square, which made it a perfect place for all the food trucks to gear up and with all the visitors gathering around in the middle. Luckily, Saturday meant a really sunny day, which made it a perfect set up to enjoy a great selection of food.

Barrel Food Truck Fest

BARREL Food Truck Fest Hardenberg is a smaller version of the festival annually held in Emmen, which is always a great all weekend event. The organization strives to have a diverse selection of food trucks, to meet all the visitors’ wishes and let them get to know new tastes and flavors. Also, with all the different food festivals going on, you have to keep surprising visitors, making sure that to keep it all fresh and new. Last Saturday had all the good stuff, such as a sturdy hamburger, delicious handcut fries or lomito steak sandwich, but also tapas and a panini food truck.

Barrel Food Truck Fest

As mentioned, there was no shortage of cuisines, but what really stood out for us was a local food truck by De Uitdaging. With a huge grill in the corner of the square the smell of grilled meat was luring us towards them and when we came closer we saw huge chunks of prime beef meticulously slow-cooked and waiting to be cut.

Barrel Food Truck Fest

Other than that they had a delicious looking beef stew simmering along. But what really caught attention, were the bulls balls. Prairie oyster, cojones in Spanish and whatever one may call them, I kid you not, they were available at Barrel food festival in Hardenberg of all places. And you know what? They tasted really good and sold well for a ballsy (pun intended!!) move by this food truck. Brined and cooked for about ten minutes, the testicle is sliced and marinated followed by a short grilling. Paired with the tart cucumber salad it made a perfect beer snack and let’s not forget about the grilled meat, which was prepared to perfection. These guys know their meat and it was great seeing them prepare and talk about their great products.

Barrel Truck Fest

Ah, what can we say, food connects people and no better place doing just this than by visiting a food festival. Who knew that Barrel was the place for sweet crêpes, flatbread sandwiches and a portion of bulls balls? We live to learn and whilst doing that, we have a lot of (foodie) fun!

BARREL Food Truck Fest Hardenberg
Saturday July 15th & Sunday 16th of July 2017 

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