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TFE Cinema: Burnt

November 4, 2015


For one who loves food/eating and movies, movies about food are a perfect match. I enjoyed Julie & Julia, Chef, the documentary about El Bulli’s Ferran Adrià and yes, Ratatouille is an animation favorite. It must be the sight of food in movies, how its prepared, the passion for food that is showcased and of course my curiosity of what goes on in that (professional) kitchen.

And now I have another one-to-watch! Burnt starring Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller is a film about Adam Jones (Cooper) who was a praised chef, but ruined it all due to his self-destructive lifestyle. After three years he returns, with a goal to reclaim his status and open up a restaurant that might be able to gain three Michelin stars.

Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller’s collaboration on American Sniper was a success, and there are a number of other great actors in this movie, including Uma Thurman, Emma Thompson and Omar Sy, which sounds like Burnt can’t disappoint. So get your friends together for a self-prepared Michelin Star Diner with a movie night out after!

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