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Black Turtle Beans

November 21, 2017

Black Turtle Beans
There are so many dishes that can be made with just a can of Black turtle beans, being desserts to stews, having a couple of these in your cupboard, can be a lifesaver. Since you probably already know how tasty these are, in today’s Product Highlight, we’d like to show you the health benefits of adding these babies to your diet.

  • Black turtle beans are shiny, black members of the common bean family, Phaseolus vulgaris. They are mostly found in Latin American cuisine. There are six main types of black turtle beans, and although they have been cultivated and consumed for thousands of years in South America, it was not until the 1500s that black beans made their way to Europe
  • The black bean is loaded with fiber and protein. Fiber can benefit a healthy digestion. One cup of black beans contains 29 grams of dietary fiber! Also making this a good replacement for the vegetarians among us. Compared to lean meat, protein in black beans have a minimum amount of saturated fat and contains zero cholesterol
  • Produce with a low glycemic index, such as black beans, are slowly absorbed into the bloodstream, which prevents sugar crashes, sugar cravings, and mood swings. So these are a great addition to your lunch salad, which will keep you going until dinnertime!
  • Black beans contain a high amount of iron, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper and zinc which all promote good bone structure and bone health
  • Did you feel a bit hungover last Sunday? Have some No-Meat Black Bean Stew to help you recover. Sulfites are acidic compounds found in wines, which cause the headache. The mineral molybdenum is found in black beans, making it the hero in counteracting those nasty side effects of too much of the good stuff…

NB. Soak black turtle beans a couple of hours or overnight in water before cooking them. This removes certain phytates and tannins, which lowers the nutrient availability

Food Product Highlight


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