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Konbu Streetfood

July 28, 2017

Konbu Streetfood

For years we have been waiting for a good ramen place in Groningen, but the wait is finally over. Konbu Streetfood located in the Oosterstraat is the spot for delicious noodles and puts smiles on the faces of true Vietnamese pho or Japanese ramen lovers.

Location, Location, Location

The resto is conveniently located in the Oosterstraat, so Konbu is just a short walk from wherever you find yourself in the city’s center. Its interior looks urban and industrial with cool Asian inspired details. The place has large wooden tables to gather around with your friends and of course a lot of space for large bowls of soup and various appetizers to share. A cool detail is the Polaroid wall with pics of happy customers including funny messages and compliments. The restaurant is certainly a place for the young crowd and many expats and international students have found their way there. And they are right, because Konbu is a fine place to chill out after work with friends or enjoy a lunch in between shopping sprees.

Konbu Streetfood

Bone broth goodness

So let’s talk menu! They makes their own broth, boiled down for hours to extract all the nutrients and flavors. This is used for the Ramen and Pho, which can be ordered veggie style or topped with braised pork belly, chicken and/or beef and are the absolute highlights of the menu. My favorite is the Pho-nomenal with chicken, slices of beef and meatballs. But let’s not forget Bún, a Vietnamese rice noodle salad topped with slices of beef and a bunch of fresh herbs. If you want to go lean and healthy, this is the dish of your choice.

Konbu Streetfood


Aside from the noodles, Konbu has a tasty snack menu, which out of experience go well with an ice cold Sapporo or Tsingtao. Just love, love the squid balls (Octopoes) and an all time favorite must be the steamed pork buns (Bao Wow) and Japanese-style chicken bites (Karaage), which are perfectly seasoned. But as in any Korean style locale, let’s not forget about the homemade kimchi, which for me is just a must every time I go there.

Open for lunch and dinner, Konbu is your go-to if you’re tired of the multitude of sandwiches available for lunch and just want a hot meal. I tell you, a steaming bowl of ramen has never made anyone feel sad and disappointed. So next time you’re in Groningen and in for some fine noodle soup, go Konbu and you’ll be hooked forever. Oh, and make sure you make a reservation for the weekend because they tend to fill up quickly!

Konbu Streetfood
Oosterstraat 10, Groningen

Open Monday and Wednesday from 1 PM – 9.30 PM
Open Thu/Fri/Sat from 12 PM – 9.30 PM
Closed on Tuesday

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