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The Power Of Meditation

For many years now, we have read and heard about the importance of meditation. So three weeks ago we decided that it was time to meditate and be more mindful with the help of Headspace. Headspace is a great app that helps you become…

April 4, 2016
Health & Fitness Lifestyle

Non-Toxic Cosmetics

A lot has been said about the toxic ingredients in makeup over the past few years. And we should pay attention to what we apply to our faces, hair, and nails. We often get seduced by luxurious brands, fancy packaging and new developments that…

March 7, 2016
Health & Fitness Lifestyle

Going to the gym

So as you probably know, I started running last year and although I was kinda skeptical, I really love it now. Where I used to frown upon those people who keep on running rain or shine, I now did my first outside run in…

January 20, 2016
Health & Fitness Lifestyle

Yoga Nidra

About six months ago I started following Hatha Yoga classes. I’m a fan! It’s really soothing, stretches everything that needs to be stretched after a long day working with a computer, improved the way I breath and most importantly, it relaxes the mind.…

November 20, 2015
Health & Fitness Lifestyle

To Run or not to Run?

If you would have told me last year that I would be able to run 45 minutes straight, without passing out from a shortage of oxygen, you would most probably be looking at a gaze of disbelief.…

September 21, 2015