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Our Top 5 ‘New on Netflix’ – February ’18

February 3, 2018

It is the start of the weekend and we are so ready for it! A relatively busy weekend ahead, but got the Sunday blocked and nothing better than to spend an entire Sunday for Netflix. February appears to be quite promising Netflix-wise, because we had a difficult time selecting the Top 5 New on Netflix for February especially for you (and a little bit for ourselves ofcourse..).

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman: George Clooney (Part 2), February 9th 2018

It’s good to see David Letterman again. With the many late night shows nowadays, which are entertaining, but a bit of nostalgia comes up whilst watching the new Netflix show. The now heavily bearded Letterman had a great first episode with former president Barack Obama as his first guest, discussing life after the White House, family life and what not, where the host excels in combining comedy with the more serious questions. So we can’t wait to watch the Clooney/Letterman combo, which is bound to be another show full of laughs.

When We First Met, February 9th 2018

Adam Devine (Modern Family, Pitch Perfect) and Alexandra Daddario (Percy Jackson and Baywatch) are paired up in the romantic comedy When We First Met. A perfect night together ends up in Noah (Devine) being pushed into the friendzone by Avery (Daddario). He attends her engagement party three years later, where he realizes the bride-to-be is his one-who-got-away. Due to an enchanted photo booth he travels back to the night they first met, with him trying to win her over for good which comes with some hilarious situations.

Mute, February 23rd 2018

Duncan Jones has been working on this project for quite some time now, but he is back with his latest science-fiction project called Mute and just check out the cast! Justin Theroux, Paul Rudd and Alexander Skarsgård. The grim futuristic world is the setting of a crime story which centers a mute man in search of his girlfriend in Berlin. Although the director doesn’t have an extensive body of work, he surely has come up with interesting projects (Source Code) one has developed a steady fan base over the years and a first glimpse of the trailer seems like Jones’ fans won’t be disappointed. 

Altered Carbon, February 2nd 2018

Another sci-fi in our Top 5 is Altered Carbon. Seems like a vague title but let me tell you, this is a one-to-watch. Not that it is somewhat of a guarantee, but being the most expensive Netflix-series to date, sets some big expectations. The reviews are in and the scores are average, ranging from critics calling it cyberpunk meets Game of Thrones to a superficial show with an overkill of violence. However, if you are a sucker for grim atmospheres in a neon filled fantasy world and don’t mind a high percentage of on-screen violence Altered Carbon is next on your list!

Coach Snoop, February 2nd 2018

Oh Snoop, from bad ass rapper to a TV-show with Martha Stewart, this guys does it all. In Coach Snoop we get to know a whole different side of him, because he is also a football coach in charge of the Snoop Youth Football League. In this series of 8 episodes we follow Snoop as he mentors and trains  his team of teenagers from South Central LA for the national championships, in addition to getting to know the personal stories behind the young team members.

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