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Ghent Festival 2016

Every July the city of Ghent in Belgium becomes the stage for a 10-day city festival full of music and theatre. The local festival called the Ghent Festival or Gentse Feesten may not sound familiar, but it is one of the largest city festivals…

August 15, 2016
Lifestyle Travels

Travel Wishlist

Many of us have a travel wishlist consisting places that we one day want to travel to if we have the time & money. Unfortunately, most of us don’t get around to actually plan and go to those places. But here at The Fresh…

July 15, 2016
Lifestyle Travels

Travel Preparation

With the much longed after holiday coming up in a couple of weeks, the pre-holiday Travel Preparation is part of the fun before you actually set foot on that plane. And being a little organized will take away the stress one has a couple of…

July 8, 2016
Health & Fitness Lifestyle

Ballet Beautiful by Mary Helen Bowers

A couple of weeks ago we attended the Glamour Health Challenge in Amsterdam, which was full of healthy food, drinks, and the option to participate in great fitness workshops. This year’s special guest was Mary Helen Bowers, the founder of one of the most…

July 4, 2016
Health & Fitness Lifestyle

Sauna: working up a sweat the easy way

Visiting a sauna is something that has been done for centuries and proven to have not only physical benefits, but it’s a real beneficial thing to do, to help you relax the mind as well. Originating from the Nordic region, it makes sense that,…

June 27, 2016
Lifestyle Travels

TFE Travel: Berlin

Two weeks ago I travelled to the beautiful capital of Germany, Berlin. It was the first time I visited the city, and after the many positive reviews I got from friends, I was eager to discover what Berlin had to offer. Since the weeks…

May 31, 2016