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Naaz – Words

Today’s SOTD is about the beautiful and talented Naaz. She was one of the participants in Hollands’s Got Talent at age 16, and she even got to work with Yellow Claw. Now at age 19, it’s time for this singer/songwriter/producer to explore new grounds.…

August 1, 2017
Music SOTD

Arcade Fire – Electric Blue

Oh boy, have we been waiting for a new album by Arcade Fire! The album titled Everything Now will be released July 28th, but the four tracks that were released earlier this year will blow you away. Everything Now was the first track, not…

July 25, 2017
Amber Run - Fickle Game
Music SOTD

Amber Run – Fickle Game

What a great song Fickle Game is and what a great song to just take a moment, relax and get your mind of anything you were doing. Whether you are working from home or the office and just so bummed you have to stay…

July 18, 2017
Music SOTD

The Killers – The Man

The Killers don’t need any introduction. We just wanted to give you a heads up (if necessary, that is) that their new album Wonderful Wonderful is coming out late September and they have released their first single of this album The Man, which we…

July 11, 2017
Music SOTD

London Grammar – Truth Is A Beautiful Thing

  I was so psyched to hear that London Grammar has finally released their new album! Their second album is called Truth Is A Beautiful Thing and an awesome follow up of If You Wait (2013). Do you remember that beautiful, heartfelt song Strong?…

July 5, 2017
Music SOTD

Oh Wonder – High On Humans

Anyone who was a big fan of Oh Wonder’s self-titled album that came out in 2014, has to be excited to hear new tracks by this alt-pop duo from London. They have consistently been releasing new music every two weeks and have given their…

June 27, 2017
MY BABY - Cosmic Radio
Music SOTD

MY BABY – Cosmic Radio

So here it is, I just found this song by My Baby and I absolutely love it. If there’s something that can be said about this group of three is that they have been able to create a totally unique sound, getting their inspiration…

June 20, 2017