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Cocoa Nutty

September 22, 2014

Cocoa Nutty


Chocolate on a Monday? Oh yes, let’s! Because obviously we have to celebrate the fact that autumn has officially begun (well, yesterday that is). Anyway, Cocoa Nutty is a beautiful, soothing drink that will give you that extra sustenance that will take you all the way to lunch. The raw cacao nibs are the healthy kind of chocolate, dark and raw, but still give that chocolatey satisfaction and combines so well with the banana and nut butter. You can use any nut butter you like, but almond butter has to be one of our favorites.

List of Ingredients:

 -1 Banana
– 1 tsp Cacao nibs
– 1 tsp Chia seeds
– 1 tsp Nut butter
– 1 cup of Rice milk
– Honey (to taste)

The Cocoa Nutty Smoothie Song: Jett Rebel – Tonight

What a year it has been so far for Jelte Tuinstra aka Jett Rebel. His album came out in May and every single released has been a huge success which resulted in him appearing at every major festival in Holland this year. Venus&Mars showcases his skills as a multi-talented artist and we can’t wait to see him perform during his tour at the end of the year. Tonight is a great song which will kickstart your Monday and/or make you reminisce the weekend!

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