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De Sapkar

March 3, 2016

De Sapkar

Remember how we told you how fun the food festival Foodhallen van het Noorden was a couple of weeks ago? Well, it was there that this cute truck of De Sapkar caught our eye. Being there on a lazy Sunday around lunch time had us craving for a healthy juice to start with and needless to say, De Sapkar was the place to be!

We had delicious smoothies, but other than that she had freshly pressed juices from the slow-juicer and wheat grass shots. I was curious to try one because I was only familiar with the wheatgrass powder, but this was the real deal! Yes, it tastes like grass, but it has this really sweet flavor to it. We could get used to having freshly pressed wheatgrass shots in the morning!

De Sapkar was founded in Amsterdam by Marjolein. Before starting this healthy drink adventure, she worked as a psychologist. After several years she discovered, that the job wasn’t a perfect fit for her, so she decided to quit her job and travel around the world for a while. It was during her travels that she got inspired and when she came back developed the concept. Since she had incorporated smoothies and juices in her lifestyle and encountered the various positive effects herself, she wanted to spread the knowledge. And so, the combination of her love for healthy food and her desire to start her own company, led to what eventually would be De Sapkar.

Since then she has been active in various markets, festivals and fairs in the Netherlands, and you can even invite De Sapkar for company events or cater your wedding. If you are eager to take juicing to the next level (and living in the Amsterdam area), Marjolein also provides 2/3/5 day packages for juice treatments. It might sound pretty hardcore to only consume liquids for a period of days, but it’s a great and healthy way to get rid of built up toxins we accumulate and cleanse our entire system. And what about giving your mind a break on deciding what to eat? No grocery shopping necessary, since the whole package is delivered to your doorstep!

Check out Marjolein’s website for more information about De Sapkar and where to find her blender buzzing. That cute Piaggio Ape of hers might be small, but it carries some pretty powerful and delicious products that might just make you a smoothie and juice believer!

De Sapkar

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