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Detox Drink: Apple-Ginger-Celery

January 27, 2016

Detox Drink

It seems that January is a cue for starting out one of many detox programmes available. I’d like to be that strong and set myself that 2-week or even month long goal with a strict diet to cleanse. However, it kinda scares me to do a full cold turkey on the less healthy, but delicious food you had in December. I’d rather just go back to my overall healthy diet with a lot of fruit and veggies without depriving myself a nice piece of cake or occasional glass of wine. I mean, the first week of January basically means an extension of the holidays, with New Year’s get-togethers with friends and colleagues anyway, right? (It’s pure denial, and yes, I’m aware)

Detox Drink

Easy Detox Trick!

So our trick to get back on track the happy way, is to always take in enough water to cleanse your system and have a detox drink in the morning. This recipe is simple and delicious and will leave you refreshed and full of energy, exactly the way a detox is supposed to make you feel!

List of Ingredients for the detox drink:

All you gotta do is toss them in the juicer, give it a stir and there you have it, a delicious detox drink!

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