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Face oil: Yea or Nay?

April 18, 2016

Face Oils

Using face oil as a skin care product isn’t something that someone with an oily or even acne prone skin would think of using on their skin ever. At least, that is what I thought when I started looking into new products and methods for skincare. I swear, I have tried a substantial amount of products on my face over the years, trying to treat blemishes, shiny, de-hydrated skin and overall redness. If a dermatologist would try to face map my type of skin, she (or he) would have a blast. Keeping up a healthy diet (minimize dairy products, wheat and red meat) and getting enough sleep help a lot, but the products you use on your face matter just as much!

I didn’t want to abandon my normal moisturizer, but I slowly started using face oils about a year ago and I must say that it really does make a huge difference. You might think that it will make your skin shine and create an environment for blemishes, but using the right face oil, does make your skin increasingly more supple.

We all know our own skin best, so take your time to find the best oil or combination of oils for your skin. I started out using an abricot oil in the morning, which is really soothing and neutral and a jojoba oil before bed, sometimes mixed with a few drops of tea tree oil. In the morning it’s great applying it after you take a shower, where in my case my skin feels really dry. I apply the oil first, followed by a thin layer of day cream, leave it to absorb and then apply my makeup. In the evening face oil is the last product I use after cleansing. Applying it with a cotton pad, makes it take off the last traces of make up and leaves your skin really soft and all the natural ingredients are ready to start taking care of your skin while you sleep (Tip: Use a soft face scrub weekly to remove dead skin and prime it for the face oil).

After using face oils for a couple of weeks, I noticed that my skin was more calm and more hydrated, which made my face make up look better, because it had a more even base to work on instead of me slathering on way to much moisturizer and primer (which lead to shiny skin), to create the same effect. But make sure that you still use a moisturizer or foundation with UV-protection, since face oils help your skin look better, but they don’t protect your face from a daily dose of sun!

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