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Foodhallen van het Noorden

February 3, 2016

Foodhallen van het Noorden

Winter and food festivals can’t be a great match right? Wrong! Last weekend the first edition of Foodhallen van het Noorden took place in the old printing plant of regional newspaper Dagblad van het Noorden in Groningen and it was a blast! So basically this meant two large halls filled with a wide range of food stalls and trucks (from vegan to old school BBQ), rows and rows of tables to hang out with friends and family and great (live) music. These elements made this plant the perfect setting for a great food-filled weekend and that is exactly what the people of Groningen thought too! A great crowd turned up and literally all the food and drink stalls had queues of people hungry to try an array of dishes.

Market stalls

Other than food prepared on the spot there were market stalls offering various artisanal products from the North. A great selection of food and non-food products, ranging from organic meat from Jan Steenbergen to gluten-free, and might we add, beautiful looking, macarons by Smaakarons. Tupperware (remember this brand where your mom brought home loads of colorful and handy containers?) was present as well as Sambalshop. I swear you have never seen so many types of sambal in your life! In short, very much fun to browse around.

Choices, choices, choices…

So what did we eat? It’s just impossible to try every single dish there, although one should always set goals and pursue them, right? Well, I think we did just that! First of all, I must say, I loved my chilidog by Food Brothers. It’s everything you need in a chilidog; a good sausage full of flavor, just the right amount of heat in the chili and the bun was perfect! Talking about buns, Tasty Buns do a delicious steamed bun and it’s good I had this after the chilidog, because this hot chicken bun was packing heat too!

For healthy juices and smoothies, De Sapkar was the place to be! We had a delicious smoothie and added a wheatgrass shot too. Firstly, because we were curious to taste freshly pressed wheatgrass, secondly, because it felt as a hall pass to binge on all the available foods! Instant healthy feeling!

On to the sweet! From time to time I just need a good ol’ crepe. My wish got granted at Doerga Cultifood and I was amazed by this little girl (11 yrs old!), who prepared my nutella & banana crepe like a true pro! It was the perfect companion to my delicious cappuccino which I got at Dikke Bertha. These two guys are just the coolest looking barista’s I’ve ever seen!

Indoor Food Festival Culinaire Verleiding

You might read this, and be totally bummed that you missed out on this last weekend, but not to worry! The next indoor food festival in Groningen will take place in Martini Plaza Groningen called Culinaire Verleiding on 27th and 28th of February 2016. So mark the dates in your calendar right now! Fun and Food all the way!

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