The Fresh Edit Playlist ’15

June 16, 2015

The Fresh Edit Playlist '15
For us, music is life! In fact, life would be boring if there weren’t any good tunes to listen to. When we started our blog we knew that we wanted to talk about the songs we are currently listening to. This is why with every smoothie post we highlight a song that goes nicely with that particular day or recipe.

The Fresh Edit Playlist '15

And, even though we love our smoothie songs, there are simply too many great bands and artists to choose from! So, we decided to share a new song with you everyday, which you can find in our sidebar (“Song Of The Day“). To make sure you don’t forget the awesome track you heard several days ago, we collected the songs in The Fresh Edit Playlist ’15 on Spotify. If you’re looking for feel good, chill and melancholic Indie hits, then this is the ultimate playlist for you!

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