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Going to the gym

January 20, 2016

Going to the gym

So as you probably know, I started running last year and although I was kinda skeptical, I really love it now. Where I used to frown upon those people who keep on running rain or shine, I now did my first outside run in the snow, and I tell you, I was literally freezing my butt off at first. Aside from feeling like a total badass after a run, it’s actually kinda relaxing going for a winter-evening-run. But enough about running already, because I actually wanted to talk about going to the gym!

It’s gym time, baby!

Two months ago, I had to quit running for a bit, due to a minor knee injury. But I knew that in order to keep fit (and not gain weight, mind you, the Holidays were just around the corner!) and not start slacking I had to replace running for something else, and so I did the unexpected, I joined a gym. Say what?! Yes, I decided I would combine Pilates with the fitness machines. It couldn’t hurt going to the gym, adding some strength training in the mix, work on toning the muscles and making myself stronger. In doing so, it would be easier to start running again when my injury allowed me to. I also have a 5K run due at one of the Dutch islands in March, so I had to keep training to keep me from passing out of exhaustion!

And, so that first Tuesday I went for Pilates. I started thinking that these slow exercises were gonna be a piece of cake, but with that strong focus on the core and all the other muscle groups, I ended up really feeling that core muscle pain the next day every time I got up from my chair. I was impressed! I also liked the easy going vibe, although the various exercises really make you work!

Later that week I tried out the fitness equipment. I have never enjoyed those, but the trainer gave me a thorough explanation of the equipment and with her help, this soon became a challenge of finding just that perfect weight that makes you work for it, without breaking you down.

Pro’s and con’s of going to the gym

As i’m going to the gym for a couple of months now, I understand why people are hooked on lifting weights and the focus on each area you want to tone up. Although I still really prefer to go for a run, I now really like the combination of good strength training. All I need is my music and I’m good to go!

1. Ability to efficiently work on specific muscle groups by using the right equipment
2. You can go whenever you like, bad weather can’t stop you!
3. The possibility to ask a trainer for guidance and advice

1. The gym can be crowded, sometimes you just don’t want to socialize and wait to use a machine
2. You have to mix up your routine, not allowing the workout to get tedious
3. Not being able to work out in the open and therefore missing fresh air and changing surroundings

Let us know what your favorite gym workout is and let’s start 2016 working towards our new fitness goals for being even leaner and stronger than last year!

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