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Healthy Energy Bars

July 11, 2016

Healthy Energy Bars

Today we wanna share some healthy energy bars that we often buy. We always have one of them in our bags for the moments when we’ve got a serious craving for something tasty. And, since this happens quite often, we (usually) decide to go for a healthy bar. With no added sugars and gluten-free ingredients, these make a perfect afternoon snack. Currently, there are many different healthy energy bars out there but right now we wanna focus on brands that we love!

The Primal Pantry

Healthy Energy Bars

Let’s start with the raw paleo bars from The Primal Pantry. At the moment, these bars can be bought at AH to go at train stations in the Netherlands. As I take the train at least 2 -3 times a week I discovered these delicious snacks 6 months ago and I’ve been hooked on them ever since. I often buy a couple of them to put in my bag. So, when I’m at work or travelling I at least have something healthy to eat. These raw paleo bars are gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free. The texture is nice and the sweetness comes from the dates, which are then combined with three or four other ingredients. Unfortunately, I’ve been only able to buy the Coconut & Macadamia and Almond & Cashew bars in the Netherlands but I hope the other flavours will be available soon. However, these two flavours are delicious! The downside? It’s quite expensive. For 2,75 euro per bar (45g) you might have to think twice before buying it. On the other side, the healthy energy bars are so rich and satisfying that I am willing to pay that price, especially when I have a long trip ahead of me.


Healthy Energy Bars

Nakd is another great brand selling healthy energy bars! Just like The Primal Pantry bars, Nakd gives us gluten, dairy and sugar-free on-to-go raw snacks. The advantage of the Nakd bars is that you can choose many different flavours. My all time favourites are Cocoa Delight and Cocoa Orange! The texture of these bars is smooth and if I’m really hungry I devour them with just 3 bites. They’re simply yummy! Since Cocoa Delight and Cocoa Orange don’t contain nuts, I tend to stay full for a shorter period of time. Plus, the Nakd bars are also smaller (35g). That might explain the significant price difference with The Primal Pantry paleo bar. A Nakd bar costs 1,20 euro and is available in the AH supermarkets, Etos and De Tuinen.

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