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Healthy New Habit Challenge: Drink More Water – The Results

March 30, 2016

Drink More Water Results

Two weeks ago we took on the Healthy New Habit Challenge: Drink More Water. Did we notice drastic changes? Not too radical, although we did notice that some things improved. I guess this is the consequence of either already drinking fairly sufficient amounts of tea and water, and/or we just have to stay on this healthy path and see if we can detect more things on the long run.

Challenge Results of Samira:

As part of the new habit challenge I drank more water over the last two weeks. One of the things I did in order to drink more was to take a bottle of water to work every day. I usually forget to do this in the morning; however, I made a conscious effort this time around. During the day I refilled the bottle once or twice. Also, instead of having tea, I drank warm water without anything in it. Sometimes, I would add ginger, lemon or mint.

It is quite difficult to notice a difference in my energy level since other factors have quite some influence as well. What I did notice is that by drinking more water I did feel hydrated and that I was cleansing my body of toxins. This, of course, did benefit my energy level. Since I have several skin issues, I also noticed that my complexion was getting clearer. Plus, it was less dry and dull. So to really notice a significant difference, I’m going to continue drinking more water.

Challenge Results of Ireen:

I had been bringing a water bottle to work for a while now, but the past few weeks I tried to be more in check with how much water I actually consumed. I drank two glasses of warm water with lemon every morning when I woke up and then started my work day with herbal tea. My other goal was to fill up my bottle at least two times, and sometimes three. (In the first week I tried to drink as much as I could, and I have to say, feeling too full due to water, doesn’t make you feel good, it feels like excess and can’t recommend it. So drink the quantity that feels good for you!) Aside from that I made sure I kept myself hydrated by drinking a large glass of water pre- and post-workout. I think the challenge brought me some more awareness of checking yourself whether you’re drinking sufficiently, not neglecting thirst, that may feel like you’re hungry and taking care of yourself during and after your workout.

Taking a look at the objectives, I can’t really tell whether my skin is more hydrated. At this time of the year I always experience having dry skin, even though I try to moisturize my face like crazy! I did notice that my skin was more calm, experiencing less breakouts, so I figured I flushed out a good amount of the nasty toxins faster and better. This effect also made me feel ‘cleaner’ if you know what I mean. My third objective was to see if my focus would improve. I must say that if you hydrate well, you feel better (even if you didn’t get sufficient hours of sleep) and fresher, which made me able to manage my day-to-day-tasks better and that counts for something right?

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