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Indian Summer

September 20, 2014

Indian Summer

Guys, what is up with the seasons? The summer has not left, although we see leafs falling off the trees already. Not hearing any complaints or anything, but where a couple of weeks ago, I thought we were heading to a freezing winter, this week it feels like summer has never left. Enjoy and treasure is our advice!

So as we find ourselves in an Indian Summer limbo, we were contemplating on a smoothie with a similar feeling to the changing season. The result was a super healthy mix of just three ingredients and there you have it, that Indian summer flavor TFE Style!!

List of Ingredients:

– Juice of 2 Oranges
– Half an Avocado
– Small piece of Ginger (peeled)

Tip: Add some water or more orange juice to make it smoother and don’t go overboard with the ginger, while it may overpower the rest of the flavors

The Indian Summer Smoothie Song: Coldplay – True Love

This band doesn’t need an introduction. They are loved and praised all over the world and let’s face it, they know how to please a crowd. Coldplay started out about two decades ago and are still at the top of their game. Ghost Stories is their latest album, released last May where True Love is their fourth single. Great band, great music, great album….Ready, Set, Go Indian Summer!!

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