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Kadepop Festival

September 7, 2015


With grayish weather last weekend, it seemed like Kadepop Festival was indeed the final celebration of a great festival season. With small patches of sun, the weather was not very forgiving, but it didn’t spoil the good vibes. Kadepop was fun, a lot of fun! It was the 2nd Edition of the music festival in the north and it’s definitely here to stay!

Held at the EMG Faktors, an old factory plant located in the east of Groningen’s city centre, the rugged, industrial look perfectly captured the cool, urban and laid-back atmosphere. It was cool to wander around, exploring the location and the Kadepop team really made an effort to adapt to the surroundings. Luckily, all performances were indoors!

Whatever the location is, there is no music festival without good music! The line-up of Kadepop was not something to be overlooked! Some of Holland’s biggest talents were in the north last weekend! To name a few attendees; Kovacs, Rondé, The Cool Quest, Bade and even Typhoon, without a doubt this year’s ultimate festival favorite, took on the festival’s final performance. In addition, there was a great selection of artists from different genres to enjoy and it must be said, that Talent Stage had bands with great potential. It’s very cool to see that the music scene in the north consists of great talent and is continuously expanding.


Hey, visiting festivals are a way of life, and so we have to discuss a little festival lifestyle right? De Barbershop and Paruccies Hairstyling together made up the Beauty & The Beard section at the festival, for some in-between-music-pampering (and a huge life saver when rain had messed up your do!). The men walked the lot with perfectly coiffed hair and beards, women with festival worthy hair and the possibility for a spray tan made up for the missing sunshine! After you had your hair done, you could take it to the Silent Disco and whip that hair back and forth (yes, just had to throw that in)!

OK, Food! The pleasant smell of grilled (vegetarian) burgers where present as soon as you walked up to the festival lot, but walking over to the Food Village, made choosing your grub for the day even harder! Various pasta’s, spare ribs, pizza’s and salads, accompanied by fine cocktails by Hooghoudt were available, basically making this village our kind of food-filled place to be!

Yes, it was a good weekend. A great end of the summer actually, providing us with enough energy for a Come-Over-And-Bring-It-attitude towards autumn. We are definitely looking forward to next year’s edition. Kadepop has developed into a significant participant to the city’s cultural development. Groningen is consistently growing, producing more and more cultural events for people to enjoy. All that with a relaxed attitude and a forever present enthusiasm. That is what we stand for and that is exactly how we want it. Thank you Kadepop Festival!

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