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October 4, 2017


Probiotics are something that we have mentioned before in our Yakult post a while ago. This week in our Product Highlight we’ll discuss another great source of probiotics, which is Kefir. It’s one of our favorites to drink just on its own, but is also a great addition to a refreshing smoothie. Check out some facts about kefir and give it a try!

  • The beverage originates from the Caucasus Mountains in Eastern Europe. It’s believed that the name comes from the Turkish word “keif” which means good feeling. Kefir’s flavor is mild, with a nice tang to it
  • The production all starts with kefir grains, which are small rubbery bits and are used to start the fermentation process when making milk kefir. These rubbery bits are actually masses of live probiotic bacteria
  • Not only does kefir provide a large amount of vitamin C, which is a key component for the immune system, it also contains vitamin B1 (Thiamine), which is important for the nervous system, brain function and the way the body processes food to energy
  • Probiotics can be a huge help when dealing with digestive issues . Getting probiotics from food sources helps restore the natural digestive balance in our bodies. Yogurt is a more well known source, however, kefir contains three times as many probiotics as yogurt!
  • There are two types of kefir: milk-based and water-based. Water-based kefir is great for people with lactose intolerance, and can also be made with coconut water

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