March 16, 2015



TFE is crossing borders people! I was in Germany the other weekend roaming around the old town of Münster. The weather was more than nice, so making a stroll through the city of Münster was really pleasant. I visited this uni town for the first time last December for their Christmas market and I liked it so much that I wanted to visit again. There were a lot of nice shops and the atmosphere is great. The next time I visit, I’d love to go and visit LWL Museum or the Picasso Museum. But since it was so sunny, we just did some sightseeing by walking around. However, sightseeing makes one thirsty (including a little craving for something sweet…) and so at tea time we ended up at this cool place named, Krawummel. The place was packed, however there was this perfect spot on their cozy seats outside where we could enjoy the afternoon sun.

We already had lunch a couple hours before and we sure weren’t ready for diner yet, but the dishes people ordered looked delicious! I saw some nice Thai Curry and their Falafel must be amazing, since I saw a bunch of people enjoying it. Then my eye caught their pastries, and so I had a nice cup of Matcha Latte accompanied by a vanilla-pistachio cupcake. You see, I’m not big on a lot of frosting, because it tends to be too sweet for me, but this frosting was just perfect and balanced out all the flavors going on.

By studying the menu a bit further, I discovered that Krawummel is the place to be in Münster if you want to leave the traditional German dishes for what they are and go for some healthy, but definitely delicious vegan food. They only use bio-produce and all their dishes are plant-based, which if perfect for the health conscious people. Yep, no full fat German coffee creamer here! (Is what my dad said, when he poured soy milk into his coffee. Though, he was very content with the quality of coffee they served).

Still thirsty and curious to know more about those cool bottles of softdrinks they were serving, I decided to go for a rhubarb soda by Proviant. This might be the best soda I have had in ages and so I have taken on a quest to find it here in Holland (which I will discuss in a next post). Anyway, with those last rays of sun during a beautiful Saturday in Münster, I sipped on my rhubarb soda at Krawummel and decided I would definitely return to this bio-resto again, but the next time that Falafal plate is gonna be mine…

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