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Mint Rhapsody

July 25, 2014

Mint Rhapsody

Weekend is almost here! This hot weather just screams for a hammock, a good book/magazine and a refreshing drink, doesn’t it? Well, we can’t provide you with the first two things, but we sure know how to give you some inspiration for a fresh drink! You can easily make this smoothie as a quick morning drink, but make it this weekend and you’ll start your days off in a well deserved relax-modus.

By the way, see that picture? Doesn’t it look tempting? Those are the best pancakes ever (oatmeal-banana) with some fresh red fruit on the side. But whatever your favorite recipe is, treat yourself to a stack of pancakes and a nutritious drink on the side and be fully prepared for whatever else the weekend has in store for you!

List of Ingredients

– 1 Orange
– 1 cup of Raspberries
– 1 Apple
– 2-3 Mint leaves
– 1 cup of Water

The Mint Rhapsody Smoothie Song: HAIM – The Wire

Who hasn’t heard of this Californian band consisting of three sisters?! Their debut studio album “Days Are Gone” was released October 2013 and has landed No. 1 in the UK Album Chart. After a release of a short EP and a successful performance at South by South West Festival in 2012, they went on opening for Florence and the Machine in London and performed during the world tour of Mumford and Sons. Other than that, Timbaland gave them a shout-out and Jay-Z signed them to his label. Sure, that is some name-dropping in a couple of sentences, but that basically describes their fast way to the top and while having the album on replay, we have no doubt why. “The Wire” was the fourth single of their album and is just a perfect weekend song!

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