No Fail Popcorn Recipe

February 26, 2016

No Popcorn Fail Recipe

Oscar Weekend is here!! Aren’t you all excited to know who is going to receive the award, best movie of the year, what the stars wear, the acceptance speeches, man we love it all! And like with any movie, snacks are very much mandatory. And what better snack to accompany a movie, if you might be watching a last minute Oscar nominee before Sunday, and the actual awards, than POPCORN?!

I used to have microwave popcorn at all times to satisfy the instant craving. Yes, it’s just a 3½ minute wait, and it’s ok…,but it’s not the best ever. It contains additives and isn’t it much more fun to make your own? Optimal flavor and you can change flavors every single time you make it. So I bought a bag of corn kernels and started searching for the perfect, no-fail popcorn recipe. I found it, tested it once and made many batches after and now I will pass in on to you, so you can get started right now and make all your fellow movie/Oscar Awards show watchers very, very happy.

Perfect Popping Method

This perfect popcorn recipe comes from Simply Recipes and it works every single time, meaning nearly all kernels pop and a no-burn guarantee. Elise’s mom passed on the popping method to her and it makes total sense! And mind you, this recipe takes about 6 extra minutes longer than the microwave version. Click here for the popcorn recipe by Simply Recipes (and many more of her delicious recipes!).

Buttered and lightly salted is an all time favorite, but I love to drizzle some honey in too and looking at the suggestions, a bit of Parmesan or cayenne pepper doesn’t sound too bad either! Thank you Elise for sharing it on your blog and enjoy your movie weekend everyone!!

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