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TFE Cinema: NOMA: My Perfect Storm

May 27, 2016

NOMA: My Perfect Storm

I was so psyched when I received an email by that I was one of the few to attend the pre-screening of the documentary NOMA: My Perfect Storm by Pierre Deschamps. You see when I sign up or enter an online competition I never win, so being selected felt great, but getting a chance to see this documentary was awesome! So awesome it wasn’t even (that) hard to wake up at 6.30 am on a Sunday morning to be in Amsterdam at 10.30 am. I was even early, and that my friends, hardly ever happens.

The screening was at Het Ketelhuis and when in Amsterdam, do go there, because it’s an independent cinema, with a good mix of different genres and you can have coffee up to dinner with a nice laid back vibe. Anyway, back to the documentary!

Pierre Deschamps made this beautiful portrait of René Redzepi, chef and co-owner of 2 Michelin Star and 4 time voted Best Restaurant of the World. I thought it was very interesting to get a glance at different elements of Rene Redzepi’s life, giving you a grasp of his background, his drive, and ambition, but also what his perspective is on striving to be the best, yet not giving a f*ck (his words, not mine!) about the label “The Best Restaurant of the World”.

Not only does the viewer follow the chef around, but it’s also the people that surround him (parents, friends, peers, and co-workers and even suppliers), that are interviewed, which adds a deeper level of understanding. It brings out different elements of the person René and how his life is intertwined with restaurant NOMA. After seeing the documentary, I realized how perfectly chosen the title was.

Also, if you think that the only backdrop is the restaurant itself, you will be pleasantly surprised. The documentary takes you from Copenhagen to London and various places NOMA gets its products. The way the suppliers are followed and the beautiful nature they find themselves in are jaw dropping. Seeing these people dedicated to their profession being a forager or sea urchin diver, is another realization on why René Redzepi is on a constant mission to search for the best and rarest products, within the parameters of the Nordic countries.

For people with an interest in food and wanting a deeper understanding about life in the kitchen of a 2 Michelin star rewarded restaurant and what it takes for a chef to achieve that standard, NOMA: The Perfect Storm is a must-see, that will definitely increase your appreciation and admiration for the love and dedication that goes in keeping the high standards necessary, simultaneously striving for continuous development, evolving not just the concept of the restaurant, but as well as a person.

The documentary NOMA: My Perfect Storm is now showing in selected theaters.

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