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Oscar And The Wolf – Breathing

September 20, 2017

Oscar And The Wolf - Breathing

Wednesday = Hump day!! Some days are just straight ‘blah’ aren’t they? That is why we try to give you just that little extra to get yourself through those grayish not-so-amazing-autumn days. Music is a great way to lift your mood when it’s not the worst day ever, but it’s not one for the books either. No worries, we know what you mean and we are here to give it just that push for the better. And so today we have the great Oscar and the Wolf with Breathing, which is one of three singles that are released off his second album Infinity, which is coming out by the end of the month. This indie electro-pop band from Belgium is making their way to the top, being a festival favorite this summer and now doing a European tour. Make sure to get your tickets at a venue near you (one of two dates in The Netherlands are sold out already!) and experience Oscar and the Wolf live!

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