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Our Top 5 ‘New on Netflix’ – July ’17

July 7, 2017


A new month (can you believe that it’s July already?!) means a new list of movies and shows that are released on Netflix. We made our Top 5 so you can make up your July list for binge watching! Maybe most people don’t think summer months are the moment to cuddle up on your couch and catch up on movies and series. Well, you know, I think it can be the perfect ending to a beautiful summer day. Enjoying the weather during the day and cooling off inside and chilling with your favorite show. So don’t feel guilty, sit back and immerse yourself with some new releases!

The Standups – Season 1, July 4, 2017

Netflix is introducing 6 original comedy specials, called The Standups, featuring Deon Cole, Beth Stelling, Bargatze, Dan Soder, Nikki Glaser and Fortune Feimster. I love comedy specials, and right now my favorite Netflix comedy special is Hasan Minhaj’s, Homecoming King! The Standups is following the format Comedy Central since every comedian has a half-hour to entertain us.

To The Bone – Fim, July 14, 2017

There has been quite a buzz about this film based on the early battle with the eating disorder of writer and director of To The Bone, Marti Noxon. The story follows a young girl portrayed by Lily Collins in her struggle dealing with anorexia, taking it from the beginning of the illness to her being admitted to a clinic for treatment. The trailer makes it seems like although the film’s core theme is obviously about life or death matters, it’s also focused on friendship, family and there is even space for comic relief.

To The Bone touches a sensitive and unfortunately common subject nowadays, and I can’t wait to see Lily Collins’ and the rest of the cast (Keanu Reeves, Carrie Preston among others) perform in this new Netflix release.

Friends From College – Season 1, July 14, 2017

Friends From College is an original Netflix comedy series about a group of friends who reunite years after graduating from Harvard. However, this reunion comes with several complications. With a cast, this good, Friends From College is a ‘must see’ for me. On the other side, the expectations for the show (because of its cast) are and I hope it can live up to them. The trailer looks like a crazy comedy where each character is dealing with some kind of drama.

Chasing Coral – Documentary, July 14, 2017

Most people stare up into space with wonder. Yet, we have this almost alien world on our own planet, just teeming with life.” I admit I am one of those people. I don’t know much about coral reefs, except that even though corals are vital for our ecosystem, a lot of them are gone. Chasing Coral will show us why we need care about the fact that coral reefs are vanishing. The trailer is both beautiful and shocking, and makes me wants to watch the documentary right now!

Ozark – Season 1, 21 July

Ozark is one of these titles I just stop to wonder what it means and how it connected to the storyline. So I watched the trailer and I was blown away. When I think of Jason Bateman, I’ll usually connect him to his comedic work. Ozark is an entirely different thing. The story is set in the Missouri Ozarks, where a Chicago-based financial planner portrayed by Bateman has secretly relocated his family, where is he has to deal with paying off a debt to a Mexican drug lord. The first season is partially directed by Bateman and consists of ten episodes. I can’t wait for it to begin!

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