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Peach Cobler

August 27, 2014



“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” – Dita Von Teese

Ok, we will admit that it’s not the actual Peach Cobler, but if your fond of the rich flavor of peaches this is the smoothie for you!

If you have read the Product Highlight of yesterday, you will have noticed that it’s a wonderful type of fruit with loads of vitamins and other nutrients. It’s just an amazing fact that something so delicious which has been cultivated in one part of the world centuries ago, is now widely available and of course so good for you. It’s not surprising that peaches have a special place in Asian culture. Have a peachy day!

List of Ingredients:

– 2 Peaches
– 1 Kiwi
– 1 stalk of Celery
– 1 tsp of Flaxseed oil
– 1 cup of Water

The Peach Cobler Smoothie Song: Angus & Julia Stone – Get Home

Angus & Julia Stone are an Australian brother-sister folk-blues group that started out in 2006. The siblings also each have two solo albums, with Angus releasing “Smoking Gun” (under the pseudonym Lady of the Sunshine) in 2009 and “Broken Brights” in 2012; Julia’s albums are “The Memory Machine” (2010) and “By the Horns” (2012).

Together Angus & Julia Stone have released three studio albums, “A Book Like This” (2007), “Down the Way” (2010) and as of 1st of August their self-titled-album where they collaborated with Rick Rubin. The first single of the album was released on May 27, called Heart Beats Slow, but as usual we give you our other favorites of the album, so here is Get Home!

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