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August 19, 2015

Product Highlight: Pineapple

The first word that pops into my mind when I think of a Pineapple is: Tropical! Here in Holland we are pushing our (probably) last weeks of summer, and so we will squeeze anything sunny into our smoothie repertoire to add that extra bit of summer joy before autumn arrives. Read more about this tropical fruit right here in our Product Highlight!

Product Highlight: Pineapple

  • The word pineapple was first used in 1398 in reference to a pine cone. It is derived from the Spanish word piña which means pine cone to which the fruit was compared. And we all know which famous cocktail carries this word!
  • Did you know that pineapples are a composite of a number of flowers whose individual fruitlets fuse together around a central core. Each fruitlet can be identified by an ‘eye’, the rough spiny marking on the pineapple’s surface
  • Pineapples contain an enzyme named Bromelain, that may help decrease inflammation, benefits digestion and together with Vitamin C can suppress coughs and fight flu
  • Pineapple is rich in B-complex group of vitamins like folates, riboflavin and minerals like copper and potassium. Potassium helps controlling heart rate and blood pressure. Copper helps the production of red blood cells

Product Highlight: Pineapple

Tip: Pineapple can be left at room temperature for one or two days before serving. It will help it to become softer and more juicy. If you want to keep it a little longer, you can wrap it in a plastic bag and store it in the refrigerator where it will keep for a maximum of 3-5 days

Tip: Bought a pineapple, but you have no idea how to cut it? Check following link or you could get this handy tool!




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