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January 28, 2015

Product Highlight - Almonds


As you may have noticed, we often use almond milk in our smoothies. We think that it’s a delicious liquid base with a lot of nutrients and a very pleasant flavor. But we are also big on almond butter and snacking on almonds too! So let’s go nuts for Almonds in this week’s Product Highlight!

  • The almond that we consider a nut is technically the seed of the fruit of the almond tree
  • Almonds are lowest in calories among the nuts, rank number one in calcium content and pack a substantial amount of protein as well as fiber
  • Almonds are classified into two categories: Prunus amygdalu var. dulcis, the sweet one we eat and Prunus amygdalu var. amara which is the bitter type. These are used to make almond oil that is used as a flavoring agent for foods and liqueurs such as Amaretto. They are otherwise inedible as they naturally contain toxic substances such as hydrocyanic acid
  • Almonds have the same protective flavanoid activity as broccoli and green tea!
  • These nuts are rich in essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron and therefore an essential ingredient in anyone’s diet!

Tip: Check labels people! When buying almonds look for the words “raw” or “dry-roasted”. Packaged nuts with the word “roasted” on the front may have been roasted in unhealthy trans fats

Tip: No almond milk for your smoothie, but craving the flavor? Put a hand of almonds in your smoothie or some almond butter, which also provides more substance

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