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July 15, 2014

Product Highlight - Celery

It’s time for that weekly Product Highlight! This week The Fresh Edit is going green and gives you the CELERY!

Wow, there are not many ways to make this vegetable sound very exciting is it? Nonetheless, we still choose to give it some special attention, because it has just so many health benefits and it’s a tasty ingredient in juices and smoothies. A whole celery goes a long way, because you only need a stalk per serving (it has a strong flavor, so make sure to balance it out with the other ingredients).

  • Trying to shed a couple of pounds? A celery stalk contains a mere 10 cals, which is near to no calories at all and it has a diuretic effect which means it will flush those excess fluids and toxins
  • One stalk provides 10% of your daily intake of Vitamin A, which slows down the degeneration of your eyesight
  • Are you prone to allergies and especially hay fever? Celery alleviates allergy symptoms
  • The magnesium in celery settles your nervous system. Good thing to know next time your stress levels are up
  • Rich in Vitamin K. Now that’s a vitamin you hardly ever hear about! Well, it’s more important than you think, while it helps the essential Vitamin D to be absorbed adequately, maintains healthy blood clotting, prevents heart disease (keeps the arteries from hardening) and helps build strong bones
  • Celery provides us with a good amount of dietary fiber and positively affects the digestive system. The vegetable contains 1.6 grams of fiber per 100 grams
  • In need of some instant dental freshness and no toothbrush in sight? Eat a stalk of celery! The structure of the vegetable removes the bacteria from the tongue and the fibres tend to cleanse the teeth


Tip: Not really necessary if you consider this a hassle, but when you don’t like the stringy texture of a stalk, peel the first layer off with a potato peeler

Tip: This website provides you with recipes for healthy liquids, but those stalks are perfect dipping devices for hummus, cheese dips or spicy salsa’s too!

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