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March 11, 2015


Dates are like candy, yet super nutritious and so we love to snack on those juicy medjool dates alongside a nice cup of tea. We consider them as one of the best natural sweeteners in the world when it comes to cooking and baking as they beat normal cane sugar every single time health wise. We often use this fruit for giving that extra sweet touch to our smoothies too, so let’s get to know more of the date in this week’s Product Highlight!

  • Do you need something to give you extra alertness during work or study? Dates contain natural sugars that boost energy levels within half an hour, but also contain potassium which is a significant ingredient to improve your memory and alertness of brain activity
  • Dates are considered highly effective when suffering from constipation. Hey it can happen, so to get the best results it’s best to soak them in water over night and then eat the soaked dates in the morning
  • Feeling a bit sluggish (aka hungover) after drinking one too many cocktails the night before? Eat a couple of dates as they will provide instant relief
  • Organic sulfur is an ingredient found in the fruit which can reduce the effects of (seasonal) allergies which a lot of people suffer from
  • If you are experiencing the lack of iron, the consumption of dates can balance this out, increasing energy and strength, while decreasing the feeling of fatigue

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