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July 22, 2015

Product Highlight: Fennel

Fennel is such an underrated vegetable, we should definitely use it more often. It’s perfect in stir fry dishes or in a salad, but we have also found a surprisingly delicious way to incorporate the anise flavored ingredient into our drinks. Read on for some more information about this week’s Product Highlight: Fennel!

Product Highlight: Fennel

  • Fennel belongs to the Umbellifereae family and is closely related to parsley, carrots, dill and coriander. The bulb, stalk, leaves and seeds are all edible and carry an unique flavor reminiscent of licorice and anise
  • It’s packed with nutrition and is an excellent source of vitamin B and C, which are essential for maintaining good skin health and even promote collagen production for skin elasticity
  • If you’re suffering from those annoying menstrual cramps, fennel can help relax your muscles and it contains nutrients that are anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, which can help alleviate these symptoms
  • High levels of Potassium can be found in fennel bulbs, which can help increase brain function. Also, nutrients in fennel widen blood vessels, so more oxygen reaches the brain and neural activity can work at optimal functionality
  • Fennel is a good source of dietary fiber. It boosts your metabolism while breaking down fats and reducing water retention

Product Highlight: Fennel

Tip: Choose bulbs that are clean, firm and solid. Fresh fennel should have a fragrant aroma of anise. Fennel is usually available from autumn through early spring

Tip: Store fresh fennel in the refrigerator, where it should keep fresh for about four days

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