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June 10, 2015

Product Highlight: Raspberries

As soon as these little gems are in season, we’d prefer to use them every single day…in anything! Raspberries are one of the most delicious berries in smoothies, with their distinct sweet flavor and I usually keep some in the fridge to snack on, which basically means I make extra trips to the fridge for a handful. Perfect snack for people with a sweet tooth!

  • Raspberries come in many colors such as red, purple, gold or black. Golden berries are the sweetest kind
  • This fruit is rich in antioxidants that are able to neutralize free radicals. The antioxidants prohibits damaging of body cells, which cause aging and helps keep your skin looking great!
  • Eating raspberry improves vision and prevents eye infections. It’s again the antioxidants that protect the eye retina from oxidative stress, which decreases the chance of losing eye vision when growing older

Product Highlight: Raspberries

  • The perfect pre- or post-workout snack! Raspberry has an extremely low fat content, but is high in fiber which keeps you feeling full longer. Also its 95% water content protects you from dehydration
  • Raspberries have been found to be effective in burning fat stored in the abdominal region, while it breaks down the lipid within fat cells. As well, the high manganese content available in raspberries helps your body convert protein and fat to energy

Tip: The raspberry, unlike the strawberry should not have a core. If your raspberry has a core, it was picked too early and is likely to be very tart

Product Highligh: Raspberries

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