Professor Grunschnabel Ice Cream

March 6, 2015

Professor Grunschnabel

Who doesn’t love ice cream? It’s a justified addiction if you ask me! And so I have got to tell you about the ice cream flavors of Professor Grunschnabel!

I was having dinner at Wereldburgers in Groningen the other night (they have awesome burgers, but that deserves a different post, which we’ll blog another time. Let’s talk desserts first!). And since I always have to take in the entire menu (yes, I’m that person, I need time and don’t even think of rushing me), I noticed their large selection of ice creams which have the most quirky names. I had never heard of this brand before and obviously just had to try at least one! I mean, I did have a big juicy burger and sides….

Professor Grunschnabel

I have no allergies whatsoever, but Professor Grunschnabel makes vegetal ice cream, using 100% plant based ingredients, so I guess the only thing that will stop you from having it, is probably intolerance for a certain kind of fruit or maybe chocolate. But even then, with all the varieties available, there must be a selection of flavors you can dig your spoon into.

Professor Grunschnabel

Since I’m a sucker for everything banana I tried Banana Bahiana. It’s made with coconut milk and Bourbon vanilla….and whoa it was so creamy and although I definitely need to do a more thorough research (if you know what I mean…), but this might just be my favorite. It’s creamy, not too sweet and there is that all natural banana flavor with a hint of vanilla.

Check out their website to find out where you can try the flavors. For now they only sell their ice creams in about 140 locations in the Netherlands and Belgium, with more locations in the UK and Germany coming soon!

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