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April 6, 2015



A couple of weeks ago I mentioned this delicious rhubarb soda by Proviant I had at Krawummel restaurant in Münster. I was amazed by the rich and natural flavor, so I just had to see if I could get this bio-soda in The Netherlands. They would make such a good alternative for the sugary soda’s available in the supermarket!

Proviant is based in Berlin, formed in 2009 by three friends who started out with a small food stand at festivals. Since they needed drinks to accompany their dishes, they prepared a selection of smoothies. The crowd went crazy for their smoothies and so a new business venture for healthy drinks was born! At first they supplied various café’s and bio-stores in Berlin, but the brand kept on growing.

So turns out that the cool guys of Proviant have a selection of smoothies too! I’m so curious to try their smoothies, since they don’t add any additives, which make them great options if you don’t have time to make them yourself. Proviant has categorized their smoothie in: Pure Fruit, Super Fruit and Proviant Mini’s (great if you are on the go) in various flavors for anyone’s liking (we obviously would like to try them all!).

Then of course they also have their soda’s (German: Limonade) in the following flavors: Lemon, Lemon-ginger, Rhubarb (love!) and Orange. If you have visited Germany or any other German-speaking country you might have come across a type of “Schorle”, often apple flavored. This is a great thirst quencher and not too sweet, as it’s fruit juice mixed with sparkling mineral water. Proviant has the Apfel Schorle type which is based on grandma’s recipe with a hint of lemon juice.

OK, so browsing the website makes us instantly thirsty, but the best of all is that they only use bio-produce and no additives. They keep it as simple as possible and that is exactly how we would like to see it. Simple, straightforward and damn tasty!

So where to find Proviant drinks? If you live in The Netherlands and this article has made you curious about the bio-soda’s of Proviant, visit the webshop of Trinkgarten. They have three flavors: Rhubarb, Lemon and the Apple Schorle (Note: Orders can only be picked up at the store in Utrecht!) With my birthday coming up, I know what I’m going to serve at my party!

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