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Rå økologisk salatbar

July 6, 2018

Summer has treated us well this past month and I’m just loving these sunny days. It’s so much fun just wandering through the city, having a drink out in the sun at the many places Groningen has to offer, it’s one of the great things in this city. But warm days, make you crave for lighter and fresh meals. My mind instantly directs me to salads and I don’t mean a simple green leaf and some chicken, I mean a proper, filling and delicious meal, not a side dish. Because;

A: I need some substance and just a couple of lettuce leafs and half a tomato with two drops of olive oil, will not keep me from grabbing something else within an hour.

B: When I eat a salad, I need it to be full of flavor, I need a variation of ingredients that keep me excited about eating a salad.

First official Saladbar in Groningen

So, sure I could make a salad myself, or I could go to any supermarket, which nowadays have a large selection of salads that are pretty tasty in general and a quick fix for when you wanna get your greens in. However, as of last month, all people in Groningen have a third option with the opening of the first official saladbar in the city that is called Rå økologisk Salatbar and it’s a vegan/vegetarian/flexitarian/veggie loving dream come true. Started by two RUG international students in the Oude Kijk in ’t Jatstraat. They were in search for healthier and quick food options in the city and decided to create their own concept and suitably named it Rå, which means raw. 

Kraftig or Mægtig?

As soon as you walk into the place you get caught by the minimalistic, relaxed Scandinavian vibe and instantly drawn to the long bar with the selection of ingredients. But before you get lost in the whole thing, there is a concept which makes it a lot easier to build your own perfect salad bowl. First, you select a medium (Kraftig) or large (Mægtig) bowl. Then you pick your base, where you can mix up to three ingredients (lettuce, rocket, quinoa etc.) and favorites (e.g. chickpeas roasted vegetables, sweet potato). Step to the right and it’s time for your premiums, which are deliciously marinated tofu (personal favorite!), prawns, chicken and so on, then try choosing one of six dressings and last but not least pick a topping that just perfects your healthy bowl of goodness. For the ultimate indecisive ones among us, don’t worry, because Rå has six signature salads on their menu, which makes choosing a little bit easier for you….and the lovely, patient people of Rå.

These guys also make smoothies and juices, so when stepping out you will have that feeling of accomplishment of feeling so nourished that you could either step up your workout game and go for a run or decide to have junk food the rest of the week as it feels like you have just taken in all the vitamins and minerals your body needs for the rest of the month. I would rationally opt for the first, but it’s all about balance, right?

Rå Salatbar

Oude Kijk in ’t Jatstraat 59

Open Tue-Sun from 11 AM – 8 PM

Closed on Monday

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