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Redcurrant Fruitwater

July 16, 2014

Redcurrant Fruitwater

“Swinging clusters of red, the hedges are full of them, red-currant red….”Denise Levertov

Fruitwaters are such an easy to prepare and delicious drink. All you need are your favorite fruits and sparkling or still water.

Not only is this a great substitute for sugary sodas (NO sugar, NO additives), but the longer the fruits soak in water, the better it tastes and the more nutritious it gets. Since there is such a great supply of redcurrants in the garden this summer, making this fruitwater with redcurrants was just the next logical step.

How to prepare: Soak whole berries in water and store it in the fridge. If you would like to speed up the process and give the water that pretty color, just crush a handful of currants in a sift to separate the small seeds from the pulp and juice. Then add this to a large pitcher filled with chilled water and add a handful of berries. And there you have it; a quick to prepare drink for everybody to enjoy on a hot day.

Tip: For a sweeter flavor add some honey, stevia or berryjuice

Redcurrant Fruitwater Song: Jacqueline Govaert – Breeze Off

Jacqueline Govaert has been around for a while as an artist. She was part of the very succesful band Krezip and from that time on has never stopped making great music. The Dutch singer/songwriter has released her second solo album last March, called Songs to Soothe, which quickly reached a #1 position in the Dutch Album Top 100. Listen to her unique voice, and you’ll understand why. The track Breeze Off seems to be a perfect fit with our liquid of the day.

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