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October 3, 2014


Now this is gonna be a slammin’ drink to start off the weekend with! And with “this” we mean of course the RedFreshment smoothie!

Red beets are superfun to use, because it’s give the whole smoothie a vibrant autumn glow, which for us means that if it looks good, drink it! But flavor wise, you’ll be surprised that beets and strawberries pair very well, and we just wanted to give those pretty red berries a well deserved see-you-next-summer-hug goodbye. So blend away, feel good and have a great weekend!

List of Ingredients:

– ½ cup of red beets (cooked or raw)
– ½ cup of Strawberries
– 3 leafs of Mint
– 1 tsp of Flaxseeds
– 1 cup of Ice cubes

The Redfreshment Smoothie Song: Highasakite – Since Last Wednesday

Highasakite can be defined as indie pop, but it’s on a totally different level. First of all, it gets you thinking about the how they came up with that title (so what happened last Wednesday?) and consequently got us listening to their latest album Silent Treatment. This Norwegian band has good things going on! They are planning a European tour next year, definitely in need of tickets! Hooked since last Wednesday, what about you?

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