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GEFU Spirelli

September 28, 2015

GEFU Spirelli

I love everything about Italian cuisine and therefore pasta is something I’ll never be able to entirely discard from my diet. Ever. I think one of my life missions is to try all 700 (somewhere in that range) types of pasta dishes available and when in Italy I always try to have a new and unknown dish. That said, at the moment I’m trying to cut down the carbs to a minimum, but what to do when you really need that nice comforting bowl of spaghetti?

I read about replacing the real stuff for pasta made from kelp or a plant called glucomannan (gonna try that out soon too!), but making pasta from vegetables is a pretty easy way to prepare a healthy meal avoiding loads of carbs from wheat pasta. Since I harvested a bunch of zucchini from my garden last month, my first step was to find a handy spiral slicer. In an earlier attempt I tried to slice long strands with just a knife, but that just takes too much time and I just wanted the real spaghetti like strands. So after doing some research I got the GEFU Spirelli.

I have to say I’m really happy about it. It’s not a big machine, that needs storage somewhere in your kitchen. I just don’t what the clutter. The Spirelli is just a small handy device with two sides, so you can decide for yourself how thin you would like your noodle (2×3 mm or 3.5×5 mm). It comes with a safety cap which can be attached to your vegetable of choice. I do recommend using this, since the blades are sharp. You don’t want to hurt yourself or mess up your newly done mani (spoken out of experience, so very girly, but you have to admit it sucks and yes, you may thank me later). When it comes to cleaning, the slicer is dishwasher safe, but a quick rinse and lightly brushing the blades when necessary, does the trick too!

I bought the GEFU Spirelli Spiral Slicer at Cook&Co. for €19.99. It’s way cheaper than those big kitchen machines and so easy to use, that you might even prefer using the spiralizer over a normal knife the next time you stir fry, make salads or other pasta dishes with firm vegetables!

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