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Maison Guiot Syrup

July 13, 2015

Maison Giout Syrup

Being based in the north of The Netherlands, Groningen is the city where we have our favorite markets, shops and restaurants to go for inspiration. More and more (food) stores are popping up and this gives us more to explore. One of these go-to stores is Het Hanze Huis. They carry an array of products which they select from various Hanze cities in Europe. It’s a treat to browse around their products, which are exclusive and the packaging are just lovely. If you ever need a gift for someone, especially for foodie friends, this is the place to go. Also the staff is so helpful and they’ll tell you anything you would like to know about each and every product in there.

It was in this store that we came across the lovely Maison Guiot Syrup. As soon as we entered the store we got to try this refreshing lemonade. I had the Lime flavor and it tasted so natural without being too sweet, which is the case with many of those concentrated syrups. It turned out like so many good culinary things, the syrup was from France. To be precise, it was by Maison Guiot which was established in 1871 in Fresnes sur Escout (Lille, North-France). In those days they supplied breweries, and produced lemonades and cordials. In 1970 Bernard Guiot, now fourth generation, decided to focus mainly on the manufacturing and selling of up-market cordials and since then are considered one of the best cordials on the nation.

Maison Giout Syrup

It can be used as lemonade, which is the perfect refreshment for the summer. But it can also be used in cakes, to add some fruity flavor to your yoghurt and the store even uses it as a warm drink in winter to warm up and welcome people to their store. It is concentrated, so you only need a tiny amount, so a bottle (1L) will go a long way. And the selection of flavors is so elaborate, that you’ll definitely find your perfect flavor. We are currently brainstorming how to incorporate the syrup in new recipes for lemonades and cocktails, so keep an eye out for more uses for the delicious Maison Guiot Syrups!

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