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Sauna: working up a sweat the easy way

June 27, 2016

Sauna: working up a sweat the easy way

Visiting a sauna is something that has been done for centuries and proven to have not only physical benefits, but it’s a real beneficial thing to do, to help you relax the mind as well. Originating from the Nordic region, it makes sense that, taking in the heat and sweating it all out, especially when you live in a region where temperatures drop down extremely low, can warm you up and make it able to give your body a break from the cold and dark weather.

Exit: Toxins

Aside the fact that it’s a relaxing experience, heading to a sauna on a regular basis can help cleanse your body from the inside and out. One way our bodies get rid of toxins is through sweat, so needless to say, that working up a sweat in a sauna makes those nasty toxins exit even faster. Also, have you noticed that after a sauna visit, your skin feels so much softer? The heat gives clogged up pores a chance to open up and flush all that dirt out and leaves you with soft and supple skin. That is why it’s always a good idea to add a body scrub and help your skin get rid of any old skin. And have I mentioned that it can help you lose weight and recover faster after a workout?

What’s your favorite sauna?

However, if you think the world of sauna is simple, think again! If you have visited a wellness center before, you will know that there is quite a range of saunas, catering to everyone’s personal preference. Whenever I go for a visit, my curiosity makes it my goal is to try them all, but then I realize I just need to relax, pick a few and take time in between to let my body rest and recover.

The most popular sauna has to be the Finnish style sauna, which is a dry sauna where they can heat the place up to around 80 degrees Celsius. If you’re a sauna newbie, this might be a little too much to handle, but do try the ones at a lower temperature. Another dry sauna is the infrared sauna, which is great if you suffer from muscle pain, while the heat targets your achy muscles really well. My personal favorite is the Turkish steam bath or Hammam style sauna. I love the wet steam, often paired with some nice aroma therapy, which really clears up the sinuses, gives you radiant skin, and the scent is extremely relaxing.

So many options, so many preferences, but surely something to recommend. Some sauna therapy from time to time, whether it’s on your own or with a friend, is the perfect way to wind down and take care of your body’s wellness.

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