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March 16, 2016


If you are a macaron aficionado, you have got to try these delicate sweets made by Smaakaron. We first saw the stand at Foodhallen van het Noorden, which looked like a patisserie dream, with rows of bright colored macarons. It was so crowded at the time, that we decided to save the sweets for later and somehow didn’t get to it! REGRET! Luckily, they also attended Culinaire Verleiding Food Festival the following month in Martini Plaza. Being right at the entrance of the hall, you couldn’t miss the stand with freshly baked macarons and although we were aiming to grab some dinner first, we just had to stop by Smaakaron for a small tasting session.

Now I have had my share of macarons from different places, in different countries even, but I must say that the macarons of Smaakaron are in the perfectly delicious range. They have just the right crunch on the outside, the nice gooey mouth feel while biting through and the filling balances out the rest, being not overly sweet and you can really taste the pure flavor of the ingredients. For anybody who is interested (I will always like you more, when you give me these), my usual favorite is the pistache, but these macarons with their original combinations might just have changed my macaron flavor palette! The first one I tried was Drop flavor (Dutch liquorice). I was skeptical, thinking how this could work. Drop is an acquired taste, which I know many people, especially from abroad, don’t really appreciate, but the flavor was so subtle! I decided I had to try more and asked for a box of 10 pieces, for me to taste them all, and selecting from the flavors was a true challenge, I tell you! No sharing option here! Ok, I did share, but it was tough…

After sampling nearly every flavor I must say that Guave Mascarpone and Passion fruit Raspberry really stood out for me, but please try them all, because you simply can’t resist White Chocolate Coconut and Honey Walnut, not to mention the Dulce de Leche Goat cheese (yes, you heard that right!)…..Oh man, I guess with every visit I will always have to get them all. Do you guys have boxes that fit 20 pieces? Thank you Smaakaron for your enthusiasm about your awesome product, for letting us try different flavors and especially for patiently waiting for us to decide which terrific flavors to bring home!

Marcaron Workshop

Curious to know more about how macarons are made? Smaakaron organizes workshops, where you are taught to make your very own macaron (just how impressed are your friends gonna be?!), which sounds like a lot of fun and you’ll be taking home some delicious treats too. Check out their website or send an email for more information.

Smaakaron at Vismarkt

As I was writing this review I discovered that Smaakaron is one of the new stands on the Vismarkt, which means that we can now easily drop by for some macarons, (almost) whenever we want! Peanutbutter Red Berry, here I come!

Vismarkt, Groningen (every Tuesday & Friday)


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    thats so cool! I would love to go to a macaron workshop, i am obsessed with these little things!

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