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Strawberry Orange Fruitwater

August 18, 2014

Strawberry Orange Fruitwater

Are you usually the one in charge of putting together a (last-minute) dinner party with friends? This previous sentence sounds like it’s a burden, and sure it can be kind of stressful at times, but you get a real kick out of seeing people enjoy good company and your home-made food, right? Then you might like this quick and easy addition to your dinner table.

Although the food served is obviously the main focus, table decoration and the drinks you serve are not to be forgotten. Whatever you are serving beverage-wise, it’s always a good thing to have a few nice looking pitchers with water on the table. To make it even more special and it does lift up the entire table setting with a splash of color,(that sounded so Martha Stewart-esque …Sorry!) add some fresh fruits to the water. Any fruit will do, so if you have some fruits lingering around without a short-term purpose, cut them up and throw them in. That is what we did for this recipe as well, because you don’t need perfect looking strawberries anyway. Imperfect fruit somehow has the best flavor, isn’t it?

Strawberry Orange Fruitwater

How to prepare:

Cut up fruit, gather a few pitchers and pour water on the fruit and pour water over the fruit. Store in the fridge for an hour or more, for more flavor. Simple as that!

List of Ingredients:

–          Handful of Strawberries
–          Half an Orange cut in slices or wedges
–          Water

Tip: Garnish with some (left over) mint or other herb of choice. The herb you used in your dishes are a nice way to complement the flavor of your fruitwater.

Tip: Make sure you dinner guests don’t have any fruit allergies before pouring the fruity flavored water in their glass!

Strawberry Orange Fruitwater Song: Fences (feat. Macklemore & Lewis) – Arrows

The Seattle-based band Fences has teamed up with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis for its latest song Arrows and it’s no wonder these long time friend’s turned to each other for another collaboration yet again, the track sounds awesome! Fences is also featured on their “Otherside Remix” (2011) and has a writing credit on The Heist opener “Ten Thousand Hours”. This is the first release from the duo since their multi-Grammy-winning platinum-certified 2012 album, “The Heist”, and Arrows is the first single from Fences’ album Lesser Oceans, which comes out on October 14. Wake up and have a Happy Monday!

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