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Summer Blockbusters Of 2017

June 23, 2017

Summer Blockbusters Of 2017


The long wait for summer comes with the highly anticipated summer blockbusters. This week we have a great list of movies that are definitely on my to-watch list. So if the weather isn’t that great or if you can’t wait to escape from hot temperatures and just chill out in an air-conditioned room, these movies are the ones to watch!

Baby Driver – 29 June, 2017

Baby Driver looks so cool! Baby (Ansel Elgort) is the preferred getaway driver for crime boss Doc (Kevin Spacey). After meeting Debora (Lily James), Baby wants to start a new life and leave his criminal ways in the past. But things don’t go as planned, which will probably lead to funny and action filled scenes.

John Hamm and Jamie Foxx are also starring in the film and are part of the bank robbing crew. The cast is just incredible and pretty much the main reason why we want to see the film. Luckily, we don’t have wait so long to see this movie as the theatrical release will be next Thursday in the Netherlands.

Despicable Me 3 – 30 June, 2017

This is not just a movies for the kids. Just watching the trailers, crack me up. The third installment is about Gru who finally meets his long-lost brother Dru, who is his absolute opposite and kinda steals the show. He is charming, cheerful and appears to be more successful and he happens to be the one who wants to team up with his brother for one more heist. Of course, this is a great setup for disaster, but I can’t wait to see how these two brothers work out their criminal event. With the voices of Steve Carell, Kristin Wiig and Julie Andrews Despicable Me 3 is bound to be another great animated movie of the summer. And who doesn’t love those minions?

Spider-Man: Homecoming – 7 July, 2017

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has given us the amazing featured films of Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, the Guardians of the Galaxy and, of course, the Avengers. There are more films in production and to be released this year until 2019. Finally, the time has come to see the new Spider-Man film.

The film rights for Spider-Man are in the hands of Sony Pictures Entertainment and even though I loved Tobey Maguire in the first trilogy, I wasn’t feeling the reboot with Andrew Garfield. However, we are excited about the new Spider-Man for several reasons. First, the introduction of Tom Holland as Spider-Man in ‘Civil War’ was great. He is a much younger Peter Parker and the upcoming movie he will have Tony Stark as his mentor. And secondly, the new Spider-Man film is part of the MCU, which means that we can expect the same level of quality as the other MCU movies we mentioned before.

We all have seen the trailers by now, but if you were living under a rock these last couple of months, we strongly recommend to watch trailer No. 2 since it contains more clips of the villain (played by Michael Keaton).

Oh, and since you’re already watching a trailer of a new Marvel movie, how about checking the amazing trailer for Black Panther as well?

War For The Planet Of The Apes – 14 July, 2017

This is the final installment of the Planet of the Apes-trilogy. I did see the first film (“Rise of Planet of the Apes”), which I very much enjoyed. The movie tells the story of a kind and intelligent chimpanzee, Caesar, who gets disillusioned with humans due to the bad treatment he and the other apes receive at the shelter. Because of this, he frees all the apes from the shelter and a nearby zoo. Caesar leads them to his beloved redwood forest and decides that this is the place all apes can call home.

It was interesting to see this origin story of Caesar. The movie was a commercial & critical success. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the sequel, Dawn of the Planet Apes, in which Caesar and his army defend their territory from humans. This film got great reviews as well. I will definitely watch it before the new film comes out.

Talking about ‘War For The Planet Of The Apes’, the trailers looks amazing. It is the epic (and perhaps final) showdown between the apes and humans. And, I just hope Caesar doesn’t die.

Dunkirk – 21 July, 2017

Everybody is on high alert when a new film by Christopher Nolan is coming out. It has been three years ago when Interstellar was released, so I’m very much looking forward to his latest project. The talented director of movies such as Memento, Inception and The Dark Knight trilogy has chosen a new genre, in creating a war film called Dunkirk. It’s based on the well-known battle in Dunkirk where allied soldiers from the British Empire, Canada, France, and Belgium were cut off and surrounded by the German Army from the beaches and harbor of Dunkirk in France, during World War II.

The first look of it seems outstanding as expected and when actors, such as Kenneth Branagh and Tom Hardy are cast, I just know I have to go to see the film. Dunkirk is true to historical events and for sure categorized as the more serious type of film in comparison to the rest of our list, but surely a special one to watch next month.

The Dark Tower – 4 August, 2017

I don’t know where to begin to describe The Dark Tower, it’s just so intriguing. First of all, Idris Elba. I just love this actor, and such a big fan of the Netflix series Luther and then we have Matthew McConaughey who has starred in a number of films and a great actor in any role he takes on.

The Dark Tower is based on a series of eight books by Stephen King and as you closely watch the trailer you’ll probably be somewhat confused, because the story consists of multiple genres, including SciFi, Western and horror. It describes a “gunslinger” (Idris Elba) in pursuit of the man in black and his quest towards a tower in the hopes finding it will save his dying world. So if you were not into the remake of It, but do have a fascination for the works of Stephen King, The Dark Tower just might the perfect cinema match for you.

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