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Sweet Potato Toast

June 22, 2016

Sweet Potato Toast

So there is this new food buzz going around. Sweet Potato Toast is apparently the latest craze and we wanted to see if it really is all that what it’s claimed to be. I mean, we love sweet potato and we love toast, so this should be a good thing, right? But still though, a good slice of toasted bread is hard to replace. But hey, we are all in for some food testing, so we bought some nice sweet potatoes, perfect for some semi-thick slices for toasting.

When thinking about toppings, everybody seems to slather on avocado, which we won’t deny, we will definitely try in the future, but there were still a bunch of great combos to be made of things lingering in the fridge, so we went for basil pesto with grilled halloumi cheese and cilantro/lime hummus with some smoked salmon. And then to finish off sweet, the last slice of sweet potato toast had to be paired with peanut butter and banana.

So what’s our verdict? Sweet potato serves well for adding toppings, that you would normally put on your regular toast. The slices of potato taste good, also due to its grilled flavor, and a couple of good slices fill you up too. So if you prefer to leave the bread alone (for a while), it’s a good and nutritious alternative. However, don’t expect it to be very similar to bread. It’s a creative and tasty lunch or breakfast option, but nothing beats a good slice of toast!

How to make:

Give your sweet potatoes a good wash and dry thoroughly (liquid and your toaster is a no-go!) Peeling the sweet potato is optional. Now slice it length-wise into 1 cm slices and toast. It depends on your toaster and your own liking how brown you’d like them to be. When they are done, put any topping you desire and enjoy!

Tip: Try grilling the slices in a panini toaster/grill!

Sweet Potato Toast

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