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Drinks Food Smoothies


  Are you daydreaming of a tropical island, laying in hammock, a perfect breeze and no need to wear layers and layers of clothes? Too bad most of us just have to arm ourselves with gloves and hats.…

December 12, 2014
Drinks Food Smoothies

Mango Froyo

  Are you tired of your morning cereal with yoghurt? Don’t get us wrong, we love a bowl with some (homemade) granola, but sometimes you just have to stir things up in the morning and why not start with a Mango Froyo today?…

October 6, 2014
Drinks Food Smoothies

Spice it up!

  OK, it’s time to spice things up! And we mean that in the literal sense of the word, because for our Spice it up smoothie we are using a bit of red pepper. Don’t worry, you will not need a bottle of water…

September 1, 2014