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Product Highlight


It’s time for some more info on herbs again! This week’s Product Highlight is a herb we love to use in our food and drinks. The flavor is quite pungent and something people either love or hate.…

April 29, 2015
Product Highlight


This vegetable is part of our diet nearly every week. We just love to use Broccoli in a lot of dishes, especially in a spicy stir-fry.…

April 15, 2015
Product Highlight


This week we are not going to discuss a veggie, nor a fruit or superfood. It’s all about the Elderflower!…

March 25, 2015
Product Highlight


  Got to love the Blackberry! And we mean the fruit, not the phone! I recall picking these in the forest when I was little and I have loved them ever since. Here at TFE we are obsessed with every fruit with ‘berry’ in…

March 18, 2015
Product Highlight


Dates are like candy, yet super nutritious and so we love to snack on those juicy medjool dates alongside a nice cup of tea.…

March 11, 2015