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Product Highlight

Product Highlight


  As you may have noticed, we often use almond milk in our smoothies. We think that it’s a delicious liquid base with a lot of nutrients and a very pleasant flavor.…

January 28, 2015
Product Highlight


  It’s citrus time! The grapefruit is said to have some pretty beneficial weight loss capacity, but there is so much more to this bittersweet fruit aside the wonderful flavor. Read on and see if grapefruit is a fruit you might want to add…

January 21, 2015
Product Highlight


  It was about time to highlight this fruit! We love the banana and all the nutrition it brings, not to mention the fact that it serves as a lifesaver if you want to curb cravings in the afternoon or a perfect snack before…

December 17, 2014
Product Highlight


This week’s Product Highlight is a furry vitamin bomb, which we use in our smoothies all the time.…

December 10, 2014
Product Highlight

Hemp Seeds

It’s time for a superfood update and therefore this week’s Product Highlight are Hemp Seeds!…

December 3, 2014
Product Highlight


There is no surprise here! Since our theme of the week is the cucumber, our Product Highlight is filled with fun facts about this versatile veggie.…

November 26, 2014
Product Highlight


I wasn’t familiar with the benefits of the cranberry, besides the fact that its intake can help cure UTI’s. But we, at TFE, come across many different types of fruits and vegetables nowadays,…

November 12, 2014