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TFE Cinema: The Glass Castle

October 20, 2017

The Glass Castle

A few weeks ago a went to the PAC Festival and one of the films that day was The Glass Castle, starring Brie Larson (Room). It’s based on the true story and memoires of Jeanette Walls, who was raised in a family where her mother (Naomi Watts) was an artist and her eccentric father (Woody Harrelson). She was one of four children that was dragged all over the country by their parents, living a life in poverty, due to their father’s ideas and view of society and drinking habit. Although things were rough for them growing up, he had always managed to disguise their way of living by logging into their imagination and telling them stories to cope with what was going on. But as Jeanette grew older, she knew that there was a possibility for a better life and so together with her siblings secretly saved up money to go off to college, simultaneously feeling guilty towards their parents and especially their father for leaving them behind.

It’s a story about love within a family, reminding you that every member of a family contributes to the dynamic of the family, both positively and negatively. Accepting that it’s all about understanding and forgiveness, but knowing that in the end everyone means well and family ties are the strongest, as we all grow up being the person we eventually become due to everything we experience with and within our family. The Glass Castle is a beautiful story, with a great cast and definitely a movie that will linger in your mind for a while after walking out of the theater.

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